Mater – Generative Jewellery Design for Expecting Mothers

Mater is a jewellery that relies on computational design processes to perpetuate the unique experience of each motherhood. The jewellery’s shape is determined by a dedicated software, developed in Processing, that combines two types of pregnancy-related data: the image of the baby, as it appears on a printed ultrasound and a recorded sound, which can […]

A Tangible User Interface for Exploring Bio-Imaging

Acquisition using current bio-imaging techniques allows us to explore the inner three-dimensional structures of biological phenomena. The goal of this research was to suggest a more accessible way of exploring these three-dimensional volumes by creating a tactile and engaging experience for users. For my master graduation project I designed and created a tangible user interface […]

Garden Of Eden // Rule 110

Garden Of Eden // Rule 110 is an animation in which generative shapes are continuously created, starting from a cellular automata. As complexity emerges from a few simple mathematical rules of a cellular automata, a narrative arises in the form of abstract shapes. The shapes slowly evolve into self-organising structures that bend and fold until […]

Dissecting a SoundCloud Track

Recently I discovered the SoundCloud Developer API which exposes a lot of artist and track data for developers to experiment with. SoundCloud allows users to leave comments at specific moments of the audio, and the display of enthusiasm in the comments has always intrigued me. Ranging from sincerely ecstatic to profane, it’s always entertaining to […]


An interactive installation created at the Mediatechnology Msc programme at University Leiden. As we progress through live, we inevitably leave traces by provoking changes in our environment. In the work Traces, we provide the possibility to leave such traces and to experience them being replayed by physical display- and sensing medium. Traces is an interactive […]

The Eurozone Bubble

The Eurozone Bubble is a playful interactive visualisation to communicate the European debt crisis and to establish an idea of the proportion of each countries’ debt. The projected was created for the Information Is Beautiful Awards financial crisis visualization contest. The data used was provided by the Guardian and InformationIsBeautiful. The project was shortlisted for the Information […]

The Age of Depletion

The Age of Depletion is an interactive timeline that communicates resource depletion by mapping the user’s age to the predicted depletion of non-renewable materials. The project was created for the Information is Beautiful design challenge and used data that was provided by the contest. It was picked as the winner in the interactive and motion challenge. To […]

Creative Direction ‘Offshore’ Album Release

For the Offshore “Love is the Essence” album release, I was responsible for the creative direction which included photography, artwork and the design of the physical album. The album was released on a flat “business card” USB stick, easily carried in a wallet and shared with friends. The album cover was designed as an ambigram […]